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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finally Added Some Curtains

Good afternoon my craft followers,

Hope your enjoying this cool day as it won't last long. Today I opened up the windows and aired out the place; but 2 hours later the sun was back and hot as ever! I thought the rain would have cooled the day off but nope not a chance. lol

Today I'm spending the day in my sewing room. I ate a nice breakfast and I'm sitting in my work gear which consist of some old boxers and my primmart convention tee shirt. Yes, I still have that shirt it's nearly 5 years old but still in good condition! :-)

The sun is shining through the window and I'm noticing that I'm missing something...curtains. Yep I still don't have curtains so today I decided to re-organize my sewing room for the 6th time since I've moved and finally add some curtains. Here is MY BEFORE PICTURES. lol

Here are MY AFTER PICTURES: I added my curtains, moved that book shelf hidden under my craft table and organized my patterns on it. And my computer desk looks neat for now.
Now you remember that table filled with pumpkin candy jars and other hidden things to do. Well I sort of cleared it off but I still have some jars to finish but at least my craft table looks good against the curtains and I've blocked off some of that hot sun! :-)
Ok, I have to confess I hid most of my crafts and guess where they are now...Yep in my bedroom. Boy I need a larger sewing room! lol
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